Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Move to the digital world

Jonathan Blum

The search for connecting more and more with its target has made companies better their strategies and even take risks to implement new ones. Such is the case of the approach to social networks. Currently, most businesses have a Facebook page or profile on Instagram, where they offer their products or services, such as the Subway fast food chain.

However, the business in the digital world is also constantly updated. The king of social networks, Facebook, pretends that users have more interaction within their profiles and for this will offer a grid of contents, which can be appreciated with just a click on the “Video” button.

Recently, the company’s vice president Nick Grudin sent a statement saying they are talking with Hollywood studios and agencies about producing quality content for the social network. The goal is simple: to generate a community.

Facebook understands that people are looking for moments of dispersion, and although today have already generated various communities for to talk about political issues or sports, today they want to reach the public with friendlier content. And what better way than with series! However, with this action they not only cover one more need of their users, but also become involved in the entertainment business becoming a potential competitor of Netflix and traditional media that offer similar content.

But what will Facebook do with this? I dare say that the company has already revolutionized the way people socialize today. They implemented new ways to advertise and also, with all the entertainment that is already, seeks to focus on generating a community through quality productions, which opens a range of possibilities, such as: communicate, advertise, share interests, etcetera.

In the same sense, with this new proposal that presents Facebook, people will spend more time into their profiles, so there will be no pretext to refuse to be on the internet in every way: both users and companies, the transition to the digital world it will be an obligation.

Although it may sound cheeky, it is the digital world that is dictating the rules of how the world is conducted today. Being online has become inevitable. Therefore, it will be necessary for companies to work in two ways: what will be the transition to the online world, in the case of those that do not yet, and being there what will be the plan to represent a real competition.