Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

The battle of Smartphones. Who will win?

Jonathan Blum

Days without a smartphone were left behind. It is difficult to explain to the new generations that at the beginning phones were only used to make calls or send text messages and there were not many models to choose from. Today is different: brands struggle, year by year, to place themselves in the preferences of the market presenting new technologies and creating in users the need to have them.

It has become a tradition that in the final stretch of the year technology companies organize events to present their novelties. The call to media and experts are essential elements; it is necessary that the people talk about your brand, the new products and, above all, that there are reasons why they should be acquired. This battle will be won by best seller: that’s the key!

This year Apple launched not only version number 8 of its smartphone but at the same time introduced an X version; both phones have similarities. However, this brand is pioneering in the facial recognition for the unlocking of the device and the removal of the button “home” (version X only). The design is very similar to the previous version, except for details on the screen and in the casing, which has increased its thickness in minimal proportions. In addition, these phones (as well as their version plus) will be charged wirelessly. Although its camera has the same pixels, it improved its processing capacity and with that it will obtain photos with better color and greater dynamic range. Designers promise that it is the best and the newest.

I could continue to enunciating the characteristics of Apple phones one by one. Then, continue with the advances that this year had Samsung in its different ranges of smartphones. For example: integrated a double camera, the design of its screens without borders remain a favorite feature among those who review it; as well as the capacity of his memory, etcetera. In the same sense, there are the Chinese, who do not want to be left behind in the market and openly have said that they pretend to be the competition of the “apple” improving the design and its prices. Subsequently talk about Google and the effort it has made to integrate into area of mobile devices; the company acquired a brand to renew it, and also prepares an event that already generates expectations.

However, at the time of purchase are few who take the time to compare the characteristics between one phone and another. Perhaps many times its reference is the prices; however, what can also influence purchasing certain equipment is which brand has sold their product better. And among the companies that compete today there are those throughout the year generate expectations of what they will present at their launch event; knowing that since this moment they are selling to their faithful consumers, who will be their best publicity: word of mouth.

Today nobody doubts that the existence of these devices has facilitated our life. Initially, they were simply used to maintain communication. Nowadays they are like fingerprint of people, there are whom through voice commands manage their day to day or is their work tool. Among all brands and models there are similarities; and the best part of this competition are the technological advances, so that artificial intelligence is a reality. However the battle of smartphones will be won who is better to cover the needs of their customers, even the emotional ones and, of course, in the sales job.

What smartphone are you using and why did you decide on it?