Friday, February 6th, 2015

Philanthropy and Profitability: Reinventing Miss Venezuela

Jonathan Blum

In the December edition of the Forbes México magazine, Adriana Cisneros, President of Fundación Cisneros, talked about her efforts to unite business and philanthropy.

I agree with her that Miss Venezuela is a great opportunity to develop Corporate Social Responsibility programs because it brings participants together so they can capitalize on their potential, which is why we are very proud of everything we have done and everything we have achieved with the pageant.

During the interview with Forbes, Adriana Cisneros, CEO and Vice Chairman of Cisneros and President of Fundación Cisneros, talked about how she transformed Miss Venezuela, the program with the largest audience in its country, into something much more than a beauty pageant. When talking about philanthropy and profitability, she says it “is totally natural to combine both worlds”.

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