Tuesday, July 4th, 2017

Interactive content, the new proposal of video streaming services

Jonathan Blum

Netflix subscribers will now be able to choose the plot of some series. The Puss In Book: Trapped In An Epic Tale will be the first interactive show of this the platform, in which users can get involved in the development of the story. This was annuncied by Carla Engerlbrecht, director of product innovation, through the official website of the company

The streaming video service has placed Netflix in the consumer preference of entertainment, only in the United States during the first quarter of this year has surpassed the number of pay television subscribers, according to the report of statista, The main pay TV providers had 48.6 million subscribers, while Netflix had 50.9 million subscribers. Even some pay TV providers have the netflix service in their platforms for guarantee the permanence of their clients.

Fuente: statista.com
Source: statista.com

Innovation is the key that has led to this kind of platforms to be on the top, today is not only Netflix, also be Amazon and the Over The Top (OTT) services which give the user total freedom of choice about what does he want to watch, where and how does he want to watch it.
What’s next for these companies? It is not possible to give an answer yet, nowadays Netflix bets on the original and interactive productions for children’s audience and then there is the investment of Amazon on the development of original shows; For both their priority is audience, that is why they are in the preferences of the spectators.
In that way, the emergence of these companies came to give a lesson to traditional companies that develop content. These should investigate again their audiences for to know what they are demanding today, in 2017, which is far from what they preferred 10 years ago and to consider that their preferences are changing constantly. The challenge will be to tell stories in different ways, with which the public feels identified and at the same time can stay into people’s choices.
Does this sound complicated? Yes, but nothing that cannot be done. History has shown that ideas can materialize. Also, technology is a tool that has now allowed us to cross the barrier of the impossible. Finally, if entertainment companies want to stay in the public’s preferences, it is necessary to continue betting on innovation.