Monday, October 12th, 2015

Miss Venezuela 2015: More than Just a Beauty Pageant

Jonathan Blum

Last Thursday October 8, Miss Venezuela 2015 was shown. At Cisneros we are extremely proud of all of the work done by those involved in creating this format, which is one of the best examples of our characteristic 360° content strategy.

This year, the “beauty season” as it is known in Venezuela, was accompanied by what have now become traditional events in the lead up to the big night, with the reality shows “Más allá de la Belleza” and “La Magia de ser Miss”. These programs show viewers what happens during the Misses’ training and include their interactions with each other, their activities, their voluntary work and their experiences once they arrive at Quinta Rosada (the candidates’ training center) before becoming contestants for the crown.

In addition, “Gala Interactiva” also took place. It is a unique format in which audiences have the opportunity to choose their favorite contestant via Twitter or the official Miss Venezuela website. There are twelve types of special sashes backed by our sponsors. This is an important part of our comprehensive content and marketing strategy, which also includes inserting our advertisers into the pageant’s social networks as well as broadcasting of special programs.

We are also very happy with our achievements this year, particularly our alliance with DirectTVLatinoamérica. In addition to HD broadcasting for the whole region, DirectTVLatinoamérica has joined us in producing the program “Miss V, tras bastidores” for the first time. This program screened exclusive interviews with the competitors’ coaches, gave facts about the pageant’s history and shared specialist tips for women to implement in their daily and professional lives.  Furthermore, for the first time we made a new alliance (this time with TNT Latin America) to broadcast the event’s After Party.

All of this confirms our content model is a success. Each year we have achieved a bigger audience through various platforms, evidenced by more than two billion Twitter impressions under the #MissVenezuela hastag, making us the top trending topic in the world! We stayed there throughout the entire broadcast and also reached 4 thousand Instagram posts under the same hashtag.

Miss Venezuela 2015 was watched by more than 100 thousand people on digital platforms. This proves viewers are not only from Venezuela but also from the USA, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador and Canada. They joined in the night’s excitement and were involved throughout the whole process. They shared participants’ experiences in “La Magia de ser Miss” and crowned Mariam Habach (representative from the Lara state) as the winner.