Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

Slingbox: the Gadget that Allows You to Bring Your Television with You

Jonathan Blum

How often have you become trapped in traffic or are on the road the day your favorite television program, an important game or a film you have been anxiously waiting for is broadcasted and for some reason you forgot to program your DVR or you simply don’t have one?

This is where Slingbox comes in. It is a multimedia streaming device which allows you to watch television remotely. It doesn’t matter if it is cable, satellite or even recorded DVR content, all you have to do is have a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet with an internet connection and enough capacity to stream audio and video. This way, wherever you are, your television comes with you.

The device is connected to your home mobile network and works as an intermediary between your satellite or cable system and the television.Slingbox then receives any content sent to your TV and can retransmit it to any device anywhere in the world.

This gadget is extremely useful, especially for those who travel a lot and want to feel more connected to home.