Thursday, October 13th, 2016

The power of the Miss Venezuela 2016 crown on the Internet

Jonathan Blum

Last wednesday, october 5, Miss Venezuela 2016 became a national and global trend on the Internet when Keysy Sayago crowned her as our radiant queen. This event’s broadcast is positioned as a traditional celebration among Venezuelans and Latin Americans, reaching record numbers from its own digital sites.

On Twitter, the hashtag #MissVenezuela had 2.3 billion reactions during the competition’s broadcast, reaching up to 140 million users. This hashtag generated 225 thousand tweets from 42 thousand people, where the official accounts @MissVzla and @Venevision led the conversation.

Instagram was crowned as the main social networks that created and consumed content, with more than 210 million views on october 5.

I am sharing with you an infographic explaining the competition’s magnitude, which confirms that these kinds of events have a very strong component in content consumption and in the creation of a digital conversation. A television event cannot be conceived without taking into account what is said and consumed in social networks.