Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

The Usefulness of the Medium as a Communication Tool

Jonathan Blum

Medium, a new innovative platform to create blogs, was launched in August 2012. This simple tool, conceived by two of Twitter and Blogger’s founders (Evan Williams and Biz Stone) is oriented at generating shared knowledge based on crowdsourcing. But, what does Medium offer that other blog platforms don’t?

This new platform focuses on keeping an eye on the typography, offering a modern and well-designed result. On the other hand, Medium offers greater chance of finding a target audience and an ideal flow towards specific articles, since the surrounding community is willing to interact. It is a perfect environment to practice written texts in all of its glory without worrying about configurations, options or other technical distractions.

But this tool is not only aimed to people who love reading and writing: due to its growth and reach, Medium is currently used by characters like Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mitt Romney among others. It was used by Hillary Clinton , in her recent presidential campaign. For those in charge of content marketing that look to create or position their brand, Medium also offers a new navigation bar that makes it easier to find content  and better fit with the stories in question.

Hillary Clinton’s last post accepting her defeat and congratulating Trump.

People often wonder: Blogger, WordPress or Medium? Although that these platforms have the same purpose: to edit and publish content, Medium is the face that shows simplicity while WordPress and Blogger are tools that you may mold to your satisfaction. If you wish to have a blog with your corporate image in Medium you won’t be able to do it because you need to adjust to the pre-established design, but you won’t have to access any publishing manager either. If you already have a blog at WordPress or another platform, you should consider combining it with publications through Medium because it can be a wonderful way to increase traffic towards your channels. Medium is the perfect option to create content due to its simplicity (you only have to focus on writing) and its editing tools. It offers a space where texts are not lost in oblivion. Additionally, the targeted audience is of certain quality. A large part of it is both producer and audience, and the rest are readers interested in new contents, who understand that their filter doesn’t have to be the same applied by editorials or mainstream media.