Friday, January 20th, 2017

Top 10 Pet Gadgets

Jonathan Blum

Technology is not just for people anymore. Pets may now enjoy their advantages, while their owners are away. This expanding industry promises to make pet lovers’ lives easy, offering exclusive products to our furry friends, products that even humans would like to have.

For many people, pets are part of their family, which is why we are willing to do (and pay) whatever we can to provide them with the best possible life. Nowadays, technology offers several ways to improve our interaction with pets, the way we feed them and take care of them. There are hundreds of gadgets and wearables in the market that every pet owner would like to have and that would be highly appreciated by home pets. The following is the Top 10 of the aforementioned gadgets:

10: iFetch, Automatic Ball Launcher

If you left work feeling extremely tired and cannot seem to build up the energy to play with your pet, this device was made for you. Teach your pet to place the ball inside the tunnel or locate the device near you in order to place the ball when the dogs fetches it. You may also program the distance to which you want the ball to be fetched.

9: Hurrik9 Ring Launcher


This is another invention for people who do not have a lot of time to play with their pets. After a few launches, your pet has ran the distance of a football field, leaving it tired enough to prevent any damages in your home. Source: Hurrik9

8: One Fast Cat


This proposal is for cat lovers, this wheel’s surface, a closed-cell EVA foam to prevent claws from catching and allowing cats to run naturally. If your cat is a bit lazy and prefers the couch, this is the perfect solution for that situation. Source: One fast cat

7: FroliCat Bolt Laser Toy


Lasers are synonymous of play for all cats. This design is versatile, it allows you to use it as a normal laser, moving it freely with your hand, or you may set it on automatic mode and place it in the ground for it to entertain your cat. Source: FroliCat

6: Woof Washer


Woof Washer 360 is a large hoop with holes, a shampoo dispenser and a hose connection. This device makes washing your dog easy and faster. Source: Woof Washer 360

5: SmartBowl


This device helps you to healthily feed your dog. It shows the right portions depending on your dog’s age, weight and activity level, it includes real-time alerts that are sent to your smartphone if anything unexpected happens. Source:Patnet

4: Petzi Camera and Treat Dispenser


This device helps you keep contact with your pet even if you are away. Installing an App in your smartphone or tablet, you may watch live videos of your pet, talk to it, take pictures and give treats straight from the device. Source: Petzi

3: GoBone


An electronic bone that will make your dog run like crazy. It is connected to your smartphone to offer various functions, such as a simulation of fetching. It adapts to your dog’s play, making it independent play. Source: GoBone

2: “Buddy” Smart Leash


It has a LED lighting system that makes your pet visible at night. Connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. One of the most useful functions is the possibility of drawing an area in the map to limit the dog’s wandering area, and if the dog crosses this limit, the owner gets an instant alert. It displays the animal’s activity levels, its body temperature or the calories ingested. It also sends reminders for the vet appointments. Source: Tecnopía

1: Kyon Smart Leash


It shows you where your dog is, its mood, and if it is in danger. Kyon has a LED screen that displays a message in case it gets lost – from your smartphone – in order for people to contact you. The leash will always be connected, regardless of the distance. Source:

Technology offers endless connectivity tools, bringing us closer to our pets, even from a distance.