Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Tropicalia: the gem of the Caribbean

Jonathan Blum

An announcement with great relevance for the Latin American tourism industry was made a few days ago: the start of the construction of the Tropicalia complex; a sustainable and low density tourism and real estate development, which looks to leverage the luxury tourism sector in the Dominican Republic.

Located in Miches, El Seibo province, Tropicalia is Cisneros Real Estate’s flagship project, which includes an investment of over 300 million dollars, as well as the creation of over 1.800 jobs during its construction and operation.

Last February 18, Adriana Cisneros –Cisneros CEO-,  Gustavo Cisneros – President of Cisneros’ Board of Directors- and Ricardo Suarez -VP Development, Americas at Four Seasons-, accompanied by President, Danilo Medina, kicked off the construction of the first phase of the complex, the Four Seasons Hotel Tropicalia.

The planting of a mahogany tree, as a symbol of this project’s sustainability and strength, gave way to what looks to be a new industry redefining tourism center.

But Tropicalia’s story begins here, going back eight years to the creation of the Tropicalia Foundation. Precisely one of the main differentiators for this initiative is the inclusion of the community in the complex’ value chain, aiming for the economic and social development of Miches.

Since 2008 the Tropicalia Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, USAID, the IDB’s Multilateral Investment Fund and different universities, have trained community members through education, wellbeing and cultural, environmental and productivity programs that have positively impacted over twenty thousand people.

Some important results:

  • The School Maintenance and Repair Program benefited 12 schools, 101 teachers and 2.890 students.


  • The Agricultural Diversification Initiative from USAID invested DOP 4.3 million, benefiting 123 people and driving 1,580 square meters of green house infrastructure.



  • DOP 185.25 million were raised through the Micro Financing for Local Entrepreneurs program, in favor of the locality’s economic development.


  • “I’m a Girl, I’m Important” summer camp, has impacted 600 girls in situation of vulnerability between the ages of 9 and 12, providing them an opportunity for personal growth that looks to strengthen their role in the community.

Good sailing for Tropicalia, which already has celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Shakira setting their sites on this paradise.