Friday, June 8th, 2018

What Does Working with Influencers Involve?

Jonathan Blum

Lately, influencer marketing has gained ground as a commercial strategy to improve sales, increase interaction and generate traffic. It is used to drive conversations around a product or service using people with a certain amount of renown or influence in the digital world.

Why work with influencers? Because they know how to communicate and have managed to earn their followers’ trust. One of the features that best characterizes younger generations is that their decisions to buy are not based on information provided by brands themselves, but rather on how they make them feel and on information from influencers, who have found a way to emotionally connect with their public.

Influencers have been around for a long time in fashion and retail, but their increased use has been evident. Several studies  forecast investments in this field will increase 143 percent in 2018 but, though influencers have brought some benefits, there are also certain risks.

To avoid problems, conduct a comprehensive analysis of the profiles that click most with your brand and consider the following:

  • Influencers value their digital channels and seek to reflect their personality through them more so than market them, which is why they will often not be willing to print any type of content.
  • You are not their sole client, so first look into which other brands they work with, and bear in mind not everything they do will revolve around you.
  • Be open to suggestions, because they know how to best do things to reach their audience. However, make sure to always clearly communicate your objectives.

There are certain risks involved as well, such as when a decision to work with one profile or another is based on superficial criteria. Take number of followers—this is not enough to guarantee focused, effective results. That is why the investigation carried out beforehand must be thorough, though this can also be avoided by hiring agencies to advise you and ensure your success. Take Fluvip, for example. It connects big brands with influencers to get better results.

So, what does working with influencers involve? You have to work with your ideal client and convince them. Then they can effectively communicate with their target public.