Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

“XRC” (Xtreme Reality Clips), Cisneros Media Distribution’s Spectacular New Series, is a Global Success

Jonathan Blum

Cisneros Media Distribution (CMD), a global distributor of entertainment content, today announced that its sensational new series “XRC” (Extreme Reality Clips) is a global success.  The co-production with RMG News is a hit in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, including the United States, where it airs on the Univision Communication, Inc. network UniMás.

“XRC” was created from a vast library of thousands of amazing video clips, including high-speed pursuits, police shootouts, cliffhanging rescues, devastating fires, and much more – news images and ‘reality clips’ captured live by the intrepid cameras of RMG News, one of the most prominent providers of news video in the world.  “XRC” (78 x 30’) is an integral part of Cisneros Media Distribution’s programming proposal for the international market MIPCOM 2015 (Stand P-1.G50), which continues to take place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, France, until October 8th.

“This powerful series, comprised of real news footage that is completely shocking and electrifying, has audiences glued to the screen, not wanting to miss any of its intriguing scenes,” stated Marcello Coltro, EVP of Content Distribution, Cisneros Media.  “And due to its international success and popular demand, we have already ordered the production of a second season of 26 additional episodes, and our creative team is already working on an incredible spinoff.”

“XRC” was instantly recognized by top programmers from around the globe to be a guaranteed ratings success and was acquired by the leading broadcasters and networks in Asia (Discovery Channel), Africa (Sony’s Channels, Sony MAX and SET), and Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Chile, and Paraguay.

Electus, Ben Silverman’s integrated multimedia entertainment studio, signed a deal today at MIPCOM to become the exclusive representative of “XRC” for the territories of Europe and Australia.

“‘XRC’ contains night-crawling footage that’s just not available in any other series in the market,” boasted Miguel Somoza, Vice President of Sales for Cisneros Media Distribution, who spearheads the partnership with RMG News.  “It’s amazing how it all came together; it took some time to make sure we got it right, which is evident by the success it has achieved around the world.  It’s exciting to have such a hot product on our hands.”

The thrilling series is currently available in both English and Spanish; however the narration can be easily adapted to any language.

With over 15 years of delivering adrenaline-filled news footage, RMG News cameramen, led by company co-founders and brothers Marc, Howard, and Austin Raishbrook, risk their lives each night to capture unimaginable scenes on video.  Their nerve-racking profession was the subject of the Oscar-nominated film “Nightcrawler” (2014), starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed and Bill Paxton.

“It’s thrilling to be able to capture extreme news footage as it is happening, documenting the tragedies of life everyone wants to see, but all hope never happens to them, some even difficult to believe,” expressed Marc, the youngest of the siblings.  “It was great to have the opportunity to work alongside Jake, Bill, Riz, and Dan Gilroy on the film ‘Nightcrawler’.  It was quite an honor to have them come to us for advice, and see a relatively unknown profession come to life on the big screen.”