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Cisneros Media, is a business unit of Cisneros which encompasses broadcast and pay television companies, as well as the production, distribution of content and beauty pageants. Our current portfolio of productions in distribution includes more than one hundred series, eight talk shows, fifteen comedy and variety shows and more than 50 programs created by our partners. Our content is distributed through our channels in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Antilles, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and Spain.

We have more than 31,000 hours of original content with a 360° approach which have been translated into more than twenty languages for more than one hundred countries. We have representation agreements with thirty companies and twenty-four record label artists whose music reaches twenty-one countries.

We also have our own studios in Miami and Caracas with 3 and 11 recording studios, respectively. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and access to satellite and fiber optic connections. Our highly specialized production staff are trained for all television formats.

Our Miss Venezuela beauty pageant, which uses our rigorous training program for women who are not only beautiful but also socially responsible, has now conquered multiple international crowns, including: seven Miss International, six Miss World and seven Miss Universe pageants.

At Cisneros Media, we aim to be leaders in content for Hispanic and Latin American audiences. That is why we have invested in multiple areas such as multiplatform content and productions in English, with which we seek to create top quality productions for global audiences. Also Mobius.Lab, an innovative production unit through which customers can contract the creation of custom-made content on differents topics.

I believe it is essential to offer more and better experiences to viewers who like to constantly modernize by finding new ways to consume content.I am the President of Cisneros Media, the Cisneros Division which encompasses its broadcast television, Pay-TV, production, content distribution, music and beauty pageant companies.

The media and entertainment are my main passion. I am a member of the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and I am a photography enthusiast.

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