Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

Artificial Intelligence, an Alternative Way to Increase Revenue

Jonathan Blum

A few years ago, when you heard the words artificial intelligence, in addition to thinking of Steven Spielberg’s movie, you would think it would be a matter of decades before you could have access to complex systems with human “qualities”. However, the future is upon us and for many it is now commonplace to work with a personal assistant through our smartphones.

My posts often refer to the evolution of audiovisual content, the distribution business and how competition is on the rise. Digital platforms are strong competitors with an appealing business model that works with user data in exchange for “free” space; so how can we possibly compete?

I’m optimistic and look beyond the tough competition we face when dealing with digital giants. This is the perfect time to innovate how we generate revenue and we should view the competition as our teacher, which is where artificial intelligence comes in.

As I said previously, it is no longer unusual to work with artificial intelligence and it can help those of us who have worked with traditional methods by helping us to know our audiences, so we can connect more with them.
What does that mean? In addition to having social and demographic data, learning about our customers’ routines, consumer habits, etc. will help us to offer them the right products or services and increase their satisfaction. Although closing a deal is the goal, what we should actually do is look for opportunities to be there for our clients when they need us.

Artificial intelligence has no defined limits yet because it is not exclusively for industrial use. Cisneros Interactive, for example, uses artificial intelligence systems, which have made them pioneers in several digital advertising formats, as is the case of our partnership with Tail, a Big Data company or the work they have done with Facebook.

As technology evolves, the number of companies struggling to adapt to new trends will increase, forcing everyone to compete in order to be on the cutting edge, which is where Cisneros Interactive currently is and where we hope to stand out.