Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Beauty with a purpose

Jonathan Blum

Venezuela’s Beauty Season has begun, and, as in the last several years, Cisneros Media is ready to bring joy and pride to the world by hosting the Miss Venezuela pageant. This year’s 24 contestants are talented women who care for their surroundings and work fervently to have a positive impact on our society. But, only one of them will take home Venezuela’s most desires crown.

Since Cisneros purchased the franchise in 1981, we have worked hard to transform the Miss Venezuela pageant into a professional development platform for its contestants; and we are proud to say we have accomplished it. The pageant is now a world-class school, one in which each participant receives physical and intellectual preparation. When it concludes, they have garnered more experience and have increased their potential for success in their professional fields. During the process, they also acquire part of our DNA: awareness and sense of social commitment.

This year there are many reasons to use our hashtag #OrgulloMissVenezuela (Miss Venezuela Pride) thanks to the solidarity, responsibility, social commitment and sense of ethics we found in our contestants: all aligned with the objective Adriana Cisneros set in 2009—to link the pageant to our corporate social responsibility strategy.


Miss Venezuela is the most widely-viewed show on Venezuelan television. Therefore we want the audience to know that, for our company, beauty has a purpose. All the contestants participate in a social program aligned with their concerns, and together with a network of NGOs, we draw up initiatives to create a positive and long-lasting impact on society.

Adriana Vasini is an example. She was in medical school when she was crowned Miss World Venezuela, so she decided to back UNICEF, becoming the spokesperson of their breast-feeding campaign. We currently have a well-structured volunteer program to further support each participants’ goals.

It is also important to mention that the pageant is the preferred content platform for advertisers and audiences. Thanks to our ongoing innovations, an interactive gala is held, allowing the audience to participate through social media. This year will be no exception. In fact, it will be seven times more interactive, as it will be aired in each episode of “La Magia de Ser Miss” (The Magic of Being a Miss). We are also producing exclusive digital content available at our official website.

In Cisneros Media we feel proud of having created a pageant that has become part of the Venezuelan culture and provides quality content every year. This year’s winner will be announced on November 9th, so for now let’s enjoy our weekly special shows and discover more reasons to say #OrgulloMissVenezuela.