Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Change is on the Horizon for Media

Jonathan Blum

Companies are considering whether their efforts to reach target audiences have been sufficiently focused. They must understand consumers are now more demanding than probably ever before. It is no longer enough for companies to simply advertise via television, radio or the internet—they must now use any available tool.

The world of entertainment is changing, and there are many excellent tools that can be used to adapt to an adverse environment. One example is big data and its potential uses in media. Industry leaders know their field is more competitive than ever, and old formulas are antiquated. They are also aware that content is king, and consumers must be at the core of all they do.

At Cisneros, we understand the challenges facing us, and thanks to Cisneros Interactive, the company’s digital advertising division, we know how big data can provide audience information and insights. It can also help advertisers create specific offerings, as we are currently doing with TAIL.

Investments in data have recently been on the rise due to their potential, and not only in terms of marketing. Private transportation companies, for example, manage thousands of rides per day. To do this successfully, they must analyze data such as rider location to connect with the nearest vehicle, while simultaneously providing users with fare estimates based on distance and current traffic conditions.

You may wonder how this tool could be used in entertainment. At Cisneros Media, we seek to provide content that will please all audiences, but to do this, we must know them in-depth. We need to know the types of stories they prefer, when they watch them, etc.

Since the company always works to be on the cutting edge, our CEO, Adriana Cisneros de Griffin, became Parrot Analytics’ Board Member, a company that analyzes demand for digital content. We know past methods for measuring content performance have undergone major changes, so this is a natural step to make sure we stay at the head of the pack.

This is another opportunity to continue growing, improving and providing higher-quality products. Join us: in 2018 we’ll present may surprises.