Wednesday, February 13th, 2019

Creativity and Innovation: Two Keys to a Successful Business

Jonathan Blum

Creativity is crucial to our daily personal and professional lives. If you are creative in your workplace, you will often achieve positive results that can lead to a better organizational environment—something that could have both internal and external impacts.

There are those who say creativity is a gift, but others believe it is a skill you can develop. Big enterprises focus on providing training and development strategies, emotional salaries, more comfortable workspaces and other perks to provide their associates with an ideal environment to foster creativity. This also helps make them more productive, because they have new ways to reach their goals.

But how do you know whether your business and talent pool is creative? If you’re consistently seeing novel proposals to meet your needs, disruptive projects or completely new and positive decisions, you’re creative—but above all else, you know you have a creative team when they can come up with original and valuable ideas.

That’s how we understand creativity inside companies, but how we project it beyond our walls has a pivotal impact on business success. To have an external effect as well, you have to provide your human talent with training, as they are essential to ensuring your business grows—or dies trying.

Creativity is closely linked to another term: innovation. Although it is often coupled with technological breakthroughs, in business it encompasses much more; just as with creativity, it has to be linked to the search for new ideas, achieving disruptive ends that add value.

One example of a company that has done this successfully is Google, which has positioned itself as one of the world’s best places to work because it puts employees at the heart of its business. It’s made it clear that it knows they’re the ones who bring the “magic” and make things happen.

This global giant often undergoes strategic “facelifts,” all focused on its associates and encouraging them to continue meeting their personal and professional goals. Google also understands the effect its employees’ qualities of life have on their creative ideas and innovations, which is why their workdays are flexible and facilities comfortable, with special recreation and relaxation areas. This helps make their ideas unique, which they can then transmit to the outside world.

Anything we can do to encourage creativity and innovation is critical to help well-run businesses succeed and distinguish themselves from the competition. Perhaps it’s something as small as offering a wider coffee and tea selection or allowing more flexible breaks, but whatever it is, it should help your employees feel valued, comfortable and relaxed. Achieve that, and the creative juices will flow!