Monday, February 23rd, 2015

The Evolution of Telenovelas

Jonathan Blum

Times have changed and at Cisneros Media we have followed the rhythm of evolution, not only by creating content which satisfies our viewers’ tastes, but also by adapting ourselves to their technological needs.

Due to the diversity of our audiences, we have three types of telenovelas: the classic dramatic romance telenovela we all know and love; the urban and modern telenovela with more realistic sets and a camera style which “travels” about each of them; and the teleseries: a short telenovela of 40-70 episodes in which the story is condensed and more action is packed into each of its episodes.

With all of these options, we have managed to come closer to our audiences. For example, in Venezuela we used the romantic telenovela, and in the USA, we used the urban telenovela and the teleseries.

Furthermore, alongside our audiences we are looking towards the future. At Cisneros, we have understood and been using new technologies since 2010; our programming includes multimedia materials such as galleries, videos and social media content. Each telenovela has a digital producer in charge of designing ideal content to complement our formats across the different platforms.

To achieve this, we have implemented several measures, some of these include the digital reproduction of our content on new platforms such as computers and mobile devices, because younger generations are constantly searching for digital content and we are able to offer that to them. Meanwhile, we have also opened Facebook and Twitter channels for our audiences to comment on our programming and suggest new ideas.