Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

Hispanics and their influence on the world’s most powerful country

Jonathan Blum

For several decades, Latin Americans have seen the opportunity to migrate to the USA in search of the “American Dream”. Today, Hispanic immigration has reshaped American culture.

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen, 50% of the U.S. population has Hispanic origin. This percentage is expected to double over the next two generations, as immigrants’ children born in America are becoming new market trendsetters.

This survey shows that Hispanics aged 35-54 are bilingual. This has made companies launch their marketing campaigns in both Spanish and English, looking to reach this audience. T-Mobile, for instance, has launched a commercial for its Spanish-speaking customers in Spanish.

This has also happened with our leading brand Venevisión. The alliance we have created with Cox Communications –one of the major cable companies in the USA– has given us the opportunity to get closer to the Hispanic market and to broadcast attractive content for all Spanish-speakers through Latino Pak offered by this network.


But companies not only have had the need to change their marketing strategies. In fact, the current percentage of Spanish-speakers in the United States entitled to vote is greater, as they are no longer a minority and have become a majority.

The relevant data resulting from this survey conducted by Nielsen highlights that 58% of Hispanics under the age of 18 master English better than they master Spanish, while 19% of the entire Hispanic community masters the Spanish language.