Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Social responsibility must be communicated

Jonathan Blum

Why should companies communicate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts? The answer is very simple: to show consistency. Companies are built on many pillars, including their values and commitment to society, and these must be communicated to spark interest among target audiences, be they internal or external. In the business world, you must be able to prove that what you say is what you do.

The most general definition of social responsibility is “a set of actions voluntarily carried out for the good of the community or environment.” These actions provide not only a social benefit but also profitability—a win-win situation. Bearing that in mind, companies have not hesitated to include this type of activity in their business strategies.

Currently, social responsibility implies being an agent of change, which is why it is increasingly relevant for investors and consumers. The former, seek companies that share their values and have a sustainable vision, whereas the new generation of consumers want products and services that have a positive impact on society or the environment, as they themselves want to be involved in those causes. This creates a virtuous circle in the business world.

In Latin America for example, Brazilian company Natura was one of the first to adopt socially responsible actions, beginning at its establishment in 1969. It now has 23 energy and forestry carbon credit programs, mainly in Brazil, in addition to a long list of activities that have positioned it as a CSR powerhouse internationally.

It is essential to communicate social responsibility activities, as Natura and most Fortune 500 companies have. There are international initiatives, such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or the U.N. Global Compact, that set criteria for sharing companies’ sustainability practices. Reporting on sustainability efforts backed by international initiatives enables companies to improve their reputations and earn their target audiences’ trust, while simultaneously promoting sustainable economies around the world.

For our part, we are committed to promoting development in the communities where we do business. Since our foundation almost 90 years ago, Cisneros has always maintained philanthropic initiatives. In addition to formally instituting the Cisneros Foundation in the late 90s’ to drive knowledge of Latin American art and improve the quality of education, social responsibility has been systematically integrated into all the Group’s companies for almost 10 years. In fact, it is one of the cornerstones of our business strategy.

At Venevision for example, the screen is used as a platform to raise awareness and promote social change, as well as communicate corporate responsibility. The #LasMujeresNoCallamos (Women Don’t Stay Silent) and Aliados Contigo (Partnering with You) news capsules are just two examples of what we do.


 Women Don’t Stay Silent:

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