Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

The comics festival

Jonathan Blum

12 years ago in a galaxy not far away, the Florida Supercon Convention began, which is held year after year in Miami Beach, this is a festival for geeks, geeks, nerds and actually for all who are fans of alternate worlds, science fiction and animated characters.

The Supercon lasts four days and during that time what we attend we enjoy an alternate universe where the world of comics is just a pretext to talk about movies, cosplay and TV series. No matter age, thousands of people attend the Miami Convention Center annually, although for last two years moved it, in 2018 it will return to its original cede. Attendees have only one purpose in mind: to have fun and while that happens to buy a new copy, acquire collectibles, take pictures with cosplayers or stars that have incarnated their favorite characters such as Power Rangers.

Super Con Jonathan Blum 1

The differences between which universe you prefer DC or Marvel are left aside, while they are in the event the attendees forget who governs the country or questions about global warming, the matter is to meet with friends, to review the release, to formulate theories and to find answers to many questions that have been asked during the wait for the convention.

Florida Supercon is one of the biggest events that takes place in the state for which in recent years has become more relevant, its original cede will be modified for the greater enjoyment of the public and the public does not have to suffer because the accesses or facilities are uncomfortable.

In addition to being an event in which people have fun and live with other people of similar preferences, this event represents a positive impact on the economy of the region, as according to El Nuevo Herald reports only in 2016 was attended  more than 50,000 people and hotels reported an approximate income of half a million dollars with 3000 reserved rooms of people from different points of the country.

Supercon Jonathan Blum