Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

The Latest in Streaming Services

Jonathan Blum

Streaming is currently one of the biggest trends in unlimited content broadcasting. We all know the successful examples of Netflix and Spotify, but 2019 will bring many new offerings for consumers who prefer to enjoy their films, music, sports and news in a convenient and immediate manner.

The content offered by streaming services is quite broad and varied, but these companies are not limiting themselves to providing film, television series and music options. They have decided to stay on the cutting edge by innovating how they provide their content to users, in addition to gamifying it to reach an even wider audience. This is why those in the entertainment industry—especially television—must adapt to this new technological breakthrough, which is swiftly becoming a must-have.

Among the newest trends we can expect in 2019 is Netflix’s mobile-only subscription service. The streaming giant will begin offering a new, lower-priced alternative exclusively for mobile devices next year.

We will also see new and better streaming offerings from Fox News, which could change how we get our news. They are innovating, providing a new format audiences may love, which could translate into demanding similar services from other companies in the future.

Amazon Music Unlimited hopes to compete with Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Red by offering a repertoire of up to 50 million songs, with plans that will make it a serious contender.

And for those of us who love the stories Disney has brought us for so many years, the company that gave us Mickey Mouse has announced the name and logo of its most recent streaming service, which will directly compete with Amazon Prime and Netflix. Disney+ will be available on electronic devices starting next year, with exclusive series from some of its most popular franchises. I am sure this will mark a “before” and “after” in the digital entertainment industry.

The world of sports won’t be left behind either. The DAZN platform, which has skyrocketed over the past few years, will offer some surprises next year, with new and better ways to share content.

Personally, learning about all these new possibilities is exciting, because they will challenge us to continue to evolve and change with the times.