Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Advertisement is Not Dead

Jonathan Blum

Companies should always look for better ways to communicate with target audiences if they want to increase the number of potential clients.

To attain sales objectives, companies use many forms of advertising in order to reach more people. However, this has unfortunately led to an overload of messages, and those exposed to them are often annoyed.

Despite our efforts to avoid advertising, by using apps that show content ad-free, most of the time we fail. Nielsen published a study which indicated that, up until 2017, 86 percent of the time people consumed content, they did so through media with advertising—which means ads are not dead.

Companies have used every tool and take every opportunity to grab their clients’ attention, especially on digital formats because they allow them the opportunity to be discovered on search engines, social media, apps, etc.

The big challenge for companies now is not just to turn brand exposure into increased revenue, but also to show they are more accountable and engaged with their target audience to ensure loyalty. So, though advertisements are not dead and are unlikely to ever die, they need to be more appealing and not just let large events, such as the World Cup, dictate their creativity guidelines.

These are my three favorites ads.  Which are yours?


Burger King