Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

An App for Reducing Food Waste

Jonathan Blum

The development of mobile technology has given rise to a new exchange model called the sharing economy. Through it, you can find people who are willing to share assets, knowledge, objects, and even food through the internet. As a result, services like Uber, Airbnb, and Kickstarter continue to grow and expand geographically. However, the sharing economy goes beyond apps created for user convenience and services: It can also be used to develop apps that help reduce food waste.

OLIO is an English company whose objective is to reduce food waste using an app that works like Uber or Airbnb. The platform connects users so they can share their food leftovers with each other, for free. This avoids food that is still in good condition from ending up on the garbage heap.

The app is available in 49 countries, on both Android and iOS. If you would like to participate you just have to register, which is free to do. OLIO works like this: users snap a photograph of the food leftovers they want to donate and add a description. The app adds this product to a list and sends an alert to users in nearby areas. Users interested in the ingredient will receive a notification and can contact the person offering it in order to complete the transaction. The app is useful for both those who want to donate food and those who need it.

Businesses can also participate in the Food Waste Heroes corporate social responsibility program. OLIO’s volunteer group collects food sold in bakeries, supermarkets, and corporate dining rooms, and redistributes it amongs those who need it the most.

Applications like OLIO show us that technology can also connect people to create a positive impact on the planet and support those in need.

That being said, if you have food in good condition that you probably won’t use, download the app and start sharing.