Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Brands are Gearing up for the World Cup

Jonathan Blum

Very few events manage to bring together millions of people who are passionate about the same topic, yet every four years, we see soccer do so as one of the world’s favorite sports. The World Cup is an annual pretext for organizing gatherings with friends, family and colleagues to enjoy matches—but what does the World Cup represent for brands?

World Cup fever affects people young and old, and for brands, it is an opportunity to make an impact—as long as each activity has a strategy behind it. Ten months before the world’s best national teams arrive in Russia, there are some who have already begun to launch themed offers, ranging from travel packages to television giveaways if their national teams do not qualify.

Although the Russian World Cup will take place summer 2018, it is already having an effect, which is to be expected. According to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the Brazilian games had an audience of 3.2 billion spectators globally, plus the fans who travelled to the matches to watch in-person. This is why many companies race to be the first to the table.

This event is good business all around, but especially for the organizers thanks to the sale of broadcasting rights for the games. It is one of the best annual events for television stations as well, as advertisers approach them in search of space to promote their products. It is a win-win situation in light of the economic benefits the host country can reap and because the most well-known international companies will be on display on stadium billboards and player uniforms.

TV stations will also be able to show off, because just broadcasting a match is not enough. They must provide qualified sportscasters and high-quality video, using the latest technology to give the audience a unique experience, many of whom will be watching the station for the first time. With any luck, those viewers might make room for that station in their homes for the rest of the season, which is tantamount to scoring a goal.

The true winners, though, are the spectators. They will be able to leave their work or home problems behind for 90 minutes as they immerse themselves in the game, cheering when goals are scored or yelling when the referee does not penalize a foul. Even if your national team only made it to the group stage, you can celebrate those who work their magic on the field. Let’s get excited and choose our favorite team.