Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

Cisneros Media has consolidated its pay TV offerings under the brand VePlus

Jonathan Blum

In order to solidify all our subscription television brands under a single name and better serve the broad segment of the population that enjoys Cisneros-produced content, on February 11 we changed the name of Venevision Plus to VePlus and on May 06th Venevision USA became also VePlus. By unifying our image and brand we hope to capitalize on the success VePlus has had with its family focused programming.

The initiative will also help us have a more efficient communication strategy that broadens our spectrum and increases our number of subscribers. VePlus currently has three 3 feeds[1]: the first which is distributed in Venezuela, the second in the U.S. and the third in the rest of Latin America and Spain. With these, VePlus reaches more than 20 Spanish speaking countries and is available in over 15 million households.

Over the past few years we’ve created more than 1,000 hours of new, high-quality content, and this year we hope to increase that number to over 1,200. The goal is for our channels to offer a mix of genres that are relevant for Spanish-speaking viewers (variety shows, talk shows and soap operas) and to continue being our audience’s favorite source of entertainment.

We will continue having separate feeds to provide local relevance to each channel, but they will now share the same brand.  This is to give personalized attention to our advertisers and adapt our programming to regional preferences.

[1] A feed is usually a television station that broadcasts or rebroadcasts the programming published and structured by a television chain, they are also known as signal distributors or repeating stations.