Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Latin American digital entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to Miami

Jonathan Blum

In 2017, the Kaufman Index reported that Miami had the most startup activity out of 40 of the biggest metro areas in the U.S., proving that for some digital entrepreneurs, it has become a top city to do business.

This is mainly because several Latin American digital entrepreneurs who have migrated to Miami feel that the city has a strong economy, making them feel confident they can turn their ideas into businesses.

The city has made great efforts in creating a thriving business environment, hosting several high-level networking events and facilitating connections between entrepreneurs and investors.

One example of this is the launch of an Endeavor office in Miami. This non-profit accelerator advises high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide on their long-term economic growth strategies.

The fact that an organization held in such high regards by entrepreneurs, is willing to invest in the city, proves that Miami has everything needed to attract knowledge from different cultures and sectors.

At Cisneros we are aware of Miami’s national and global relevance, which is why we decided to relocate our business units’ main offices to the city.

Entrepreneurs have described Miami as a city that understands Latin America and that, together with its economic stability and ability to appeal to talent, make it an enticing place for Latin American digital entrepreneurs to network.