Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

A Prize Which Recognizes the Passion, Leadership and Vision of Television Professionals

Jonathan Blum

The Brandon Tartikoff Prize pays homage to one of the most successful programmers in the history of television. The award was created to recognize a select group of television professionals who have demonstrated leadership, independence, passion and vision in the creation of television programs.

This year, based on her career path, passion, leadership and vision in the creative process of television content, one of the recipients was Adriana Cisneros, CEO and Vice-Chairman of the Cisneros Board of Directors and President of Fundación Cisneros.

I invite you to read the blog post she published about the journey she and her family have travelled, which has ultimately led to them being awarded the 2015 NATPE Prize:

“For me, the start of each new year is a great time to get stuck into new and old businesses because it is a period in which I always feel energized and with a lot of clarity…”