Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

What Challenges Will Future Leaders Face?

Jonathan Blum

Changes over the years have forced us to rethink the way we work. I feel the challenges faced by vehicle designers are similar to those of a company in the entertainment business, like Cisneros Media.

For some time now, companies have not been following the rules of the past. Now, technology is everywhere, affecting what happens both within and outside of our companies. The one constant is that change is taking place more and more rapidly.

What will companies need in 2030? Though we can’t know for sure, I think two key elements will be technology and flexible human capital, capable of adapting to change quickly.

This has been the case in the entertainment industry, where both target clients and audiences are more informed and want better-quality products. When Cisneros Media realized consumer trends were changing, we looked for ways to stay on the cutting edge. That’s why we created Mobius.Lab—to develop custom-made shows to fit our clients’ evolving needs.

We also adopted new technologies and developed 360° strategies to increase our reach. We saw that measuring ratings using conventional methods was no longer enough and knew we had to find new ways to gain the insights that would allow us to make new proposals, so we incorporated digital tools.

Bottomline, if you want a larger market share, you have to be ready for change. That’s why future leaders need an outlook that keeps the corporation, its personnel and the intended market in mind, while at the same time always protecting the company’s reputation.