Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Te tocó a ti, a show that will change lives inside and out

Jonathan Blum

Everybody knows how important aesthetic surgery has become today. It is evidenced by over 21 million surgical and non-surgical procedures performed during 2015, according to the most recent global survey conducted by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS); where 85.6% were performed on women, while men (adding to over 3 million procedures) represented 14.4% worldwide.

infografía procedimientos quirúrgicos Venezuela

According to this same survey, in Venezuela alone, 26 individuals enter the OR every hour to undergo a surgery to improve their physical image. However, we also know that the results from these procedures may not be as expected because they are not always –even if they should be– performed by expert health professionals. According to the Sociedad Venezolana de Cirugía Plástica (Venezuelan Society of Plastic Surgery), four bad practice processes are filed weekly on average as a result of procedures performed by non-experts in the medical field. There is a clear problem and part of its solution lies in appropriate communication.

Te toco a ti is launched

This is the context where ‘Te toco a ti’ is born –a physical transformation show with physicians and health specialists intended to help people with congenital physical defects or people who, after a wrongly performed surgical procedure, need to undergo another surgery to improve their quality of life.

This show is hosted by Sandra Villanueva, a Journalist; Osmel Sousa (President of the Miss Venezuela Organization); and Ivo Contreras (the Official Stylist of Miss Venezuela; he has been working with children with cancer for 12 years). They study the various cases for prioritization of help provided by this space to Venezuelans. For the three of them, ‘Te tocó a ti’ shows the “other side of cosmetic surgery” and will help raise awareness among people to follow the recommendations suggested by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which details four essential requirements to be considered before undergoing a plastic or aesthetic surgery.

1. Be well aware of the kind of surgery –that the procedure is appropriate to each particular individual.
2. Analyze whether the patient makes a good candidate for the relevant procedure.
3. Conduct researches to determine whether the physician has been well trained and has the required expertise to perform the surgery.
The idea is to confirm that the physician is registered with the sanitary authorities.
4. Verify that the hospital is safe and has qualified staff to perform the relevant kind of surgery.

This show promises to revolutionize the industry; and, particularly, to provide education –which is very necessary.