Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

Venezuela, focus of the social networks and the small screen

Jonathan Blum

Tourism-wise, the decision making process has shifted from the travel agencies or people’s own tastes to recommendations provided by different Internet sites. This has become evident since 2014 and it is supported by the Consumer Trends surveys, following the expanding power of sites such as TripAdvisor. One of each four respondents stated that these sites have “a lot of influence” over their decisions, against one of five from the previous survey.

“Aca en Venezuela” takes advantage of opportunities on social networks and in Venevision Plus
With this trend in mind, and with the added situation of television needing to adopt new formats, Venevision Plus has bet on “Aca en Venezuela”, an initiative directed by Endrina Yepez and Daniel Pereira, which is made for the Internet and provides a fresh style to Venevision Plus’ programming, its journalistic work is aimed at viewers in different audiovisual media, especially at social networks users, who tune in to discover new horizons.

The show intends to highlight the paradise-like features of our beautiful country, which covers 916,445 sq. km. of the South American continent, by focusing on Venezuela as a tourist epicenter, supported by its offer in extreme adventures, gastronomy, beautiful women and Venezuelans’ great sense of humor.

Along with different artists and personalities that reminisce on anecdotes and experiences of their tourist adventures, Endrina Yepez and Daniel Pereira give value to Venezuelans’ sense of belonging. The country is filled with entrepreneurs promoting tourism in its mountains, beaches and cities, as well as extreme sports for amateurs. Which is why each episode of “Aca en Venezuela” is done following the idea that places have a wonderful story that is worth traveling the distance. With this program we want to become a reference for national tourism and we make Venezuela the focus of the small screen.